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data revolution

Softball – The Player Data Revolution is Coming

The Beginning The data revolution got started in golf about 12 years ago. AboutGolf developed vision technology to capture highly accurate data on a golf ball. Their simulators today remain super accurate. They are used by Callaway and The Golf Channel. Others in the golf industry have also adopted vision

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inaccurate data

MLB Teams & The Advantages of Inaccurate Data

It’s quite interesting to note that many MLB teams like the fact that the pitching data they are receiving is not accurate. And yes, you read that correctly. There are issues with pitching data from both Trackman and Rapsodo 2.0, but the full understanding of inaccuracies is honestly not well

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future of baseball

Future of Baseball: The Arms Race has Begun

Why Technology Defines the Future of Baseball It doesn’t matter who you ask these days. Twins reliever Taylor Rogers was quoted on saying that due to new technology he’s learned more in the past month than in the past four or five years.” Blue Jays righty Ryan Tepera says,

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spinning baseball

Getting Kids Recognized

The Data Revolution Recognition. High school softball and baseball players that are pursuing the dream to play in college are all trying to get recognized. For parents, this is their teens’ passion, but also an economic play for them. Scholarships relieve a huge potential financial burden for many families. Sending

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accurate data pitching

Using Accurate Data for Pitch Improvement

We have the great pleasure of spending time with pitching coaches every day. Our goal at Yakkertech is to maintain superiority in capturing accurate ball data. Not just by continually refining our technology, but by paying close attention to the coaches. For example, we’re willing to customize data output screens

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future of baseball

High-Tech IN GAME Tracking System presented by YT

High-Tech ball tracking software is coming to CATAWBA COLLEGE’s athletic department. Catawba College Baseball (@CatawbaBaseball) will be the FIRST college team ever to start utilizing an IN GAME high-tech tracking system using imaging technology. The system will provide the coaching staff with immediate and highly accurate data on a pitched

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vision technology

So, What Is Yakkertech All About?

Welcome to our first Yakkertech blog post. This is our place to share with you what’s new with Yakkertech and what we are up to. We want to tell stories about our partners- the teams and academies that work with us. It might be a great way for you to

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