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Yakkertech Sports Performance Systems
Yakkertech Sports Performance Systems - Tablet View


Only a stereo vision imaging system can provide fully accurate data on all the key elements of a pitched or hit baseball or softball. This is the key difference in the Yakkertech technology versus any other portable or highly used system in baseball/softball today. The information is instantly shown on an app on a tablet, and the data is then stored and easily retrieved over time. The primary use with our phase one product is with pitchers, and to assist in both understanding the optimum performance of each pitch type as well as for improving performance.

Yakkertech Imaging Technology Advantage

No other system captures such clarity on a moving ball. Only Yakkertech sees the seams this distinctly, thus resulting in the most accurate spin data.


The Holy Grail in assessing pitchers and pitching performance is spin axis, and only Yakkertech can provide highly accurate spin axis of a pitched ball as it comes into home plate. Movement of baseball/softball (or the lack thereof) is directly correlated with the spin axis of the ball. Knowing how it is spinning allows one to understand the opportunity to improve a pitch, to increase, or change its movement. Accurately knowing the movement or improving the movement by even one inch can make a huge difference in the success of a pitcher. This is a key difference between Yakkertech and other systems.



Yakkertech Key Advantages

  • Option of either a portable or permanently installed system

  • Compatible with indoor & outdoor use

  • Data is generated within 4 seconds; no more interruption to a bullpen session!

  • Quick data retrieval means real-time adjustments to your pitch

  • Measures accurately at any distance, not just 60’6” – good for rehab and younger players

  • You own the data... It’s 100% yours! No subscription necessary.





John Lumsden - Sales

Stephen Coelho - Sales