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Yakkertech Sports Performance Systems

Baseball Swing

Only a stereo vision imaging system can provide fully accurate data on all the key elements of a pitched or hit baseball. This is the key difference in the Yakkertech technology vs. any other portable or highly used system in baseball today. The information is instantly shown on an app on an ipad, laptop or similar. This data is then stored and easily retrieved over time. The primary use with our phase one product is with pitchers, and to assist in both understanding the optimum performance of each pitch type as well as for improving performance.

The Holy Grail in assessing pitchers and pitching performance is spin axis, and only Yakkertech can provide highly accurate spin axis of a pitched ball as it comes into home plate. Movement of baseball (or the lack thereof) is directly correlated with the spin axis of the ball. Knowing how it is spinning allows one to understand the opportunity to improve a pitch, to increase, or change its movement. Accurately knowing the movement or improving the movement by even one inch can make a huge difference in the success of a pitcher. This is a key difference between Yakkertech and other systems.

Having a system that can be literally anywhere and that provides the data instantly, is a huge advantage in training pitchers. Whether one is trying to improve a certain pitch or add a new pitch to their repertoire, one receives immediate feedback. You can review one pitch at a time. Or maybe you want to throw 10 pitches with one grip type, then throw 10 with another grip type, and see immediately the better performer. The player and coach receive highly accurate info right when they are training and practicing, and thus can be much more efficient with their training.

One key feature of the product is that it is portable, and easily moved around the practice field. The portability feature also allows for easy transport in the trunk of a car so that it can go anywhere to review and analyze pitchers. In less than 10 minutes, it can be set-up and operational. There is no other product in the market with the feature of portability and the accuracy of capturing the relevant metrics of a pitched baseball – nothing else like it.

  • System setup takes about 10 mins

  • Data immediately available and stored as well for comparisons over time

  • Best full set of highly accurate important pitching stats

  • The Gold Standard for ball kinematics

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