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Making the Most of a Restricted Fall Season

The Fall of 2020 will be a critical test for the player development culture college baseball and softball programs have created. With many programs facing some form of restriction on fall practices, preparing for the spring will fall back on the shoulders of the player. For coaches, opportunities to evaluate

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Using Yakkertech to Enhance the Off Season

The Yakkertech portable and in-game systems are both very easy to use. With only a little instruction, a player can be shown how to set-up the portable device and capture the data that they want. This can be done for either hitting or pitching. The key is having a program

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Using the New Data – Short and Long Term

The capabilities for collecting data on players has grown exponentially, and there is more to come. Hawk Eye is now the choice of the MLB, and have their system ready to go for next season. As an example – check this out. At the US Open Tennis Championships in New

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New Technology – Has It Killed Moneyball?

New Technology – Has it Killed Moneyball? Think about all the ways the new technology is changing player performance, player evaluation, coach’s performance and methods, etc. This data which is “on the spot” – has it made the player evaluation methods derived from “Moneyball” mostly obsolete? Can we call this

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catcher glove

Catcher – The Pitcher’s Best Friend

As we integrate the Yakkertech balltracker system with more and more colleges, we are frequently engaging in discussions with coaches about the many ways to use the data. Those conversations are often not only including catchers, but focused on the importance of the catcher to a pitcher. One catcher recently

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Why Catchers Need Accurate Pitcher Data

Catchers Need Valuable and Accurate Pitcher Data. I remember being at a bullpen session with an MLB team 18 months ago and listening to the pitching coach. At the time, they were just starting to use technology to capture ball data. They were testing our system, but also had a

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valuable data

Valuable Data – Makes Life A Lot Easier

Valuable and Meaningful Data – Makes Life Easier In virtually every business (unless they are “asleep at the switch”), there is focus on improving productivity and reducing costs. Businesses that do this always perform well. Those that do it the best are the best in their industry because they are

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player development

Player Development – Where and How?

Player development is a key element in baseball. There is one somewhat simple metric that shows the changes now in the “how and where” of the development of young, promising players. In the past 10 years, the percentage of players chosen in the first ten rounds of the draft from

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