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About Yakkertech

Bill Bales

Bill BalesYakkertech Co-Founder Bill Bales has had his eyes on the creation of this product for many years.  As founder of AboutGolf, he built this INC 500 company to become North America's #1 premium indoor golf simulator company.  As co-founder of PlayData, he fostered the development of the imaging technology used in every AboutGolf simulator which is respected worldwide as the finest and most accurate golf ball and club tracking system in the world.

For years, Bales has wanted to bring advanced imaging, aka machine vision, to sports outside of golf.  With the growing value and thus dependence on analytics in the sport of baseball, Bales set his initial sights on producing the ultimate portable and affordable vision-based baseball performance monitor.  Only advanced imaging is capable of directly measuring all of the kinematics of a baseball, as well as bat, batter, pitcher, and thrower.  Most key is the ability to directly measure, with great accuracy, the precise spin axis of a thrown baseball.  For the first time, pitchers will be able to react to measured axis data during their throwing reps to enable them to iteratively and reactively evolve their motion to get the precise results desired.  This ability to bring accurate data-based proprioception to baseball will enable pitchers to have their "stuff" practically every time they take the mound.

Greg Lumsden

Business executive for over 35 years. CEO of several mortgage companies at Countrywide from late 80’s to 2008. Founded Scratch in 2010 – an indoor golf training business. Co-founded Yakkertech in 2014 and current CEO. Co- founded Eleetus in 2015 and current CEO.

Aden Seaman

Aden Seaman is an engineer, physicist, and software developer who is responsible for the software and hardware design of the Yakkertech ball tracker. His extensive experience in high performance computing, stereo machine vision, and mathematical modeling is what makes the Yakkertech ball tracker an accurate, powerful, and portable analytics device.