Making the Most of a Restricted Fall Season

The Fall of 2020 will be a critical test for the player development culture college baseball and softball programs have created. With many programs facing some form of restriction on fall practices, preparing for the spring will fall back on the shoulders of the player. For coaches, opportunities to evaluate and develop their players will be more limited than ever. For those with access to Yakkertech in-game or portable systems, there are several ways Yakkertech can be utilized to assist coaches this fall.

Creating a Baseline for Competition:
Typically, the fall season thrives on competition. Programs that foster competitiveness allow players to build off one another and prevent each other from becoming complacent. Fortunately, technology can play a critical role in creating a basis for competition. At Yakkertech we recognize the importance of this role, which is why we make sure to provide easy data accessibility. All players who use Yakkertech can have access to their data, allowing them to track their own development from September up to the beginning of the Spring. As a player, if you see your peers increase their average exit velocity fall, or improve the break on their slider over the course of the fall, there is no way you would allow yourself to do nothing in response to that.

Easy to Setup and Operate:
One of the biggest challenges that restricts the full utilization of player development technology is the setup and calibration process. If contact between players and coaches is restricted, this challenge will be even greater. This is why Yakkertech is designed to be able to simply be powered up and ready to go. All of Yakkertech’s portable devices are automatically calibrated to their most recent setup. If the device is kept in the same place as its last use, all players need to do is turn it on. They would be able to use the system with no coaches present. For those using in-game systems, all players would need to do is connect the tablet and they would be ready to go.

Providing Actionable Data:
Of all the advantages Yakkertech provides, this is perhaps the most important this year. The ability to capture both the pitch and the corresponding hit on the same device allows for the collection of actionable data. As a pitcher understanding your spin efficiency, spin axis, and movement is great, but knowing the effect each of those metrics has on hitters is even better. Using Yakkertech in a live BP type scenario can allow players to access this completely. As a pitcher, it would be extremely valuable to know that their fastball is most effective when thrown inside, or their curveball works best as an 0-0 strike compared to a strikeout pitch. The same could be said for hitters, who would benefit from knowing they are most productive when sitting on a certain pitch, or perhaps being more aggressive. Every single player is different, and what is optimal for one may not be optimal for another. Yakkertech data encourages players to embrace this, allowing them to play with more conviction when every pitch counts.