Using Yakkertech to Enhance the Off Season

The Yakkertech portable and in-game systems are both very easy to use. With only a little instruction, a player can be shown how to set-up the portable device and capture the data that they want. This can be done for either hitting or pitching. The key is having a program for a player to follow, or something simple you want them to be working on, especially during the off season. Assign them the task of increasing the spin rate on a fastball by 100 rpm’s, or decreasing the launch angle on hitting. Anything is possible, and can be worked on year-round with Yakkertech.

Because coaches cannot actually coach during these “off season” periods, the availability to use an accurate data capture system can mean a world of a difference. You want to avoid any weird/destructive habits creeping in when players are on their own, and with the Yakkertech system, this can be avoided. Players can see the data when training on their own, and receive accurate feedback 100% of the time. As soon as a pitcher sees the spin rate drop, for example, then they will make an adjustment, and try something else that was discussed previously in their coaching. There’s no question that there is some appropriate fear with coaches having to let players do certain things on their own. However, with the coaches’ plan in place, the Yakkertech system allows for meaningful improvement in this time frame.

Yakkertech can deliver a purposeful off season

Use the Yakkertech system to create a purposeful off season training program for the player. This makes them more accountable as well for actually completing a program. We have several examples of players doing things during the season to improve a pitch type, and had only some initial input from the coach. So if a player can work with the system during the actual season, then it seems the opportunity is there as well for the off season. Lastly, this should help keep them in good shape while working on their own, or with a few buddies.

This is another example of how a coach who adapts to the addition of the new technology will improve their team in a manner not available in the recent past. And if you already have our system, we would be more than glad to help players learn how to use it for their off season training!