Four Seam

Four Seam Rotation Index – How Can It Improve Fastballs?

One of the college teams who is a big user of our system and data told us a story about one of their pitchers. Soon after receiving and using the system, the pitching coach and pitcher were reviewing what the pitcher was so convinced was a really solid four seam fastball.

The coach had been pointing out, however, that game results did not seem to support his belief. Well, now they had the system/data to determine who was right. In this case, the pitcher immediately saw via the Yakkertech “four seam rotation index” (FSRI) that the pitch was in fact more like a two-seam, but honestly more like a beach ball coming into the plate. The debate ended right there, and the pitcher and coach then began to make changes. This happened at the beginning of the 2019 season – by the end of the season, the pitcher had a great four seamer, and helped his school dominate their tournament and make it deep into the playoffs.

The Yakketech FSRI reading gives a very clear reading of the four seam and two seam fastballs. A reading close to 100 indicates the proper rotation for the four seam. Then a reading close to zero gives you the two seamer. Something close to 50 is neither, and will likely be a pitch easily hit. In essence, the reading indicates if the pitch is spinning properly to maximize the effect of the pitch. This data pops up immediately on the tablet, thus giving the coach and pitcher something clear and simple to see – a reading with an easy to understand number.

One coach told me that a reading of between about 30 to 80 indicates poor hand position at release, and you don’t need video to support it. Without having video (as many do not have), it becomes clear they need to work on making adjustments to the hand as the ball exits in order to get the proper spin axis to generate the desired fastball. FSRI helps you to now understand why a pitcher throwing 90 with great spin rate is getting hit.

FSRI is a great tool/metric that one can only access with a Yakkertech system. We believe in providing data like this to support coaches in their quest to develop better players.

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