New Technology – Has It Killed Moneyball?

New Technology – Has it Killed Moneyball?

Think about all the ways the new technology is changing player performance, player evaluation, coach’s performance and methods, etc. This data which is “on the spot” – has it made the player evaluation methods derived from “Moneyball” mostly obsolete? Can we call this new era “Moneyball 2”?

Moneyball was all about using advanced stats to find overlooked players. Every team in Major League Baseball has a firm grasp on evaluating players with stats now. Some are still better than others, but the difference is much smaller than it once was. But evaluating players with just stats is flawed now, as it relies heavily on past performance. Stats can be used to project, but still only based on past performance and the development of similar players over history. 

The data being provided from today’s technology allows players to vastly enhance their ability to develop and make quick adjustments. Some are able to find their potential, others increase their potential.  With so many teams, coaches and players utilizing technology to capture data, players can turn themselves into strikeout pitchers, fix their swing plane, become home run hitters, and more.

Pitchers like Wade Miley, and Martin Perez have developed cutters and resurrected their careers. Advanced stats such as xFIP, ERA+, etc. would have projected these pitchers just as poorly as traditional stats such as ERA, W/L, and others.

Coaches that learn how to utilize the technology and harness the data with a player to improve one’s performance will now become stars. Today’s technology provides clear, empirical data – and this data has now taken over. Do we now bury “Moneyball? I think so. “Moneyball 2” is here!!