inaccurate data

MLB Teams & The Advantages of Inaccurate Data

It’s quite interesting to note that many MLB teams like the fact that the pitching data they are receiving is not accurate. And yes, you read that correctly. There are issues with pitching data from both Trackman and Rapsodo 2.0, but the full understanding of inaccuracies is honestly not well known. Many believe there are only a few MLB teams that know how to properly modify this inaccurate data – in other words, it is an actual advantage to those teams that know what to do with this messy data. Know this to be true – every MLB team has a “team” of analysts taking this data and attempting to make it more accurate.

So, as a college or academy, do you have the staff to take inaccurate data and attempt to make it better? Do you have the payroll space for an additional $100K to $200K per year to hire staff to even attempt to make heads or tails out of this inaccurate data? And even if you have unlimited salary space, good luck getting this right. Again, most believe only a handful of MLB teams can do it.

MLB Teams have the resources and the staff

Velocity is so easy to get now – no big deal. And spin rate is not rough either. But did you know that if the wind is blowing and moves the ball, then both the trajectory and spin axis information is wrong with a radar based device? Some systems just cannot get spin efficiency on a consistent basis – but how would you know? Induced vertical break is another one – you really believe that 19 year old’s four seam “rose” 14 inches? Likely not, but what was the true induced vertical break? The MLB teams not only have a staff of people, but they can afford outside help to further support. In addition, they have thousands and thousands of pitch samples as well in which to build a database and try to figure it out.

At Yakkertech, we focus on one thing – being the gold standard in capturing ball data accurately. We spend our dollars on research, and because we use vision technology, we are far and away more accurate. The MLB has a new contract now with Hawk-Eye to produce all in-game data. Why? Because they use vision technology, and are far more accurate than Trackman. If you want accurate data immediately, then you need a vision technology product. The bullpen and in-game data products at Yakkertech are designed to be affordable for colleges and academies. You will not need to add staff to attempt to “fix” what you receive!