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All Star Game – How tech is affecting the best of the best

The All Star Game is upon us. A midsummer night’s dream where the best of the National League face off against the best of the American League. The experts among you know very well that the National League has something to prove when the first pitch is thrown at Progressive Field in Cleveland on Tuesday night. Having lost six (!) All Star games in a row, it’s time to step it up. 

And that is exactly what this blog is all about. The game has changed so dramatically in this new era of the long ball, some are calling it the “golden age” of baseball. 

Strikeouts are on the rise, the games are getting longer (not to everybody’s liking), the pitching is harder than ever before. As the Denver Post writes: “The rate at which hitters strike out has risen each of the past seven years. It’s a trend permeating baseball as managers increasingly look for flame throwers coming out of the bullpen to lock down a game to reduce the risk of the ball being put in play.”

Technology is all around young players nowadays. And technology is very much one of the reasons why home runs are way up, as are strikeouts. The All Star Game will be another proof of how much the game has changed over the last couple years. 

Yakkertech’s vision imaging tech is part of this change

Our tech helps to build players from the ground up, as we provide uncompromising ball kinematics for the purpose of analysis and performance enhancement for pitchers. The bottom line: Players are more prepared when they step on the mound. They know how technology affects their pitch. And they know how to adjust their pitch to hopefully one day participate in an All Star Game!!

MLB-commissioner Rob Manfred stated recently: “It’s incumbent upon us to manage the changes in the way the game is being played, with a goal toward producing a little more action on the field, and making sure the entertainment product we’re putting out there is as competitive as possible.”

No question, a player who is using our technology is so much more prepared to eventually use his knowledge in the Major Leagues. Yakkertech’s methodology of direct measurement of spin rate and spin axis offers a great advantage to every player who is hoping to one day be part of the All Star Game. 

Striking out is no longer a mortal sin

Rockies Manager Bud Black, a former pitcher, says: “I love the game as it’s played now, but there are certain elements that I would like to see from my era”, referring to a time when striking out was a mortal sin. Black continues in the Denver Post: “But things change, things are progressive. I also know that things are cyclical, so maybe it will all come back.”

Doubtful, to say the least. Hitters are bigger and stronger than ever today. Pitchers throw harder than ever before. The ball, if not “juiced”, is certainly lively. 

But why then, is the attendance dropping for MLB games? – The Post reports that average attendance for MLB games in 2018 was 27 000 fans per game. This year pans out to be the same. It’s the first time since 2003 that the average attendance dropped below 30 000.

Maybe the solution to attracting more people to the beautiful game of baseball could be our in-game ball tracking software as Catawba College is using now. The immediate retrieval of highly accurate data on a pitched baseball during live games could be not just a great asset to the coaching staff but to the audience in the stadium as well.

Imagine how cool it would be to know immediately at what spin rate your favorite pitcher’s fast ball crosses the plate. It’s almost like watching a live All Star game with a hint of video game analysis…………..The ability to capture accurate ball data is changing the game from a player and coaching perspective, and hopefully it will for the fans as well!!!!