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Future of Baseball: The Arms Race has Begun

Why Technology Defines the Future of Baseball

It doesn’t matter who you ask these days. Twins reliever Taylor Rogers was quoted on saying that due to new technology he’s learned more in the past month than in the past four or five years.” Blue Jays righty Ryan Tepera says, “That’s the new phase of baseball we are in.”

Of course what they’re referring to is pitch analysis technology, the future of baseball. Today more than ever we are able to get a clear look at what’s going on with a pitch, analyze it, and really learn how to improve. Colleges like Catawba are teaming up with us at Yakkertech: either to install their first in-gamehigh-tech tracking system using our very own imaging technology, or just switching from the less-accurate radar.

Recently the New York Times stated in an article that “the college tech’s arms race” has begun, quoting Vanderbilt’s director of player development Brandon Barak. “It’s getting to the point where if you don’t have it, you are behind.”

At Yakkertech, we believe in the future of technology. Our imaging tech helps the coaching staff to provide highly accurate data on a pitched baseball or softball during live games and in practice. “We live in very exciting times,” says Yakkertech CEO Greg Lumsden. “Our technology is a great tool to help coaches get the best performance out of their players.”

Players across baseball and softball are realizing that the next revolution in the sport is already here, and for many teams, new technology is becoming just as important as any other part of training their team. As the NY Times writes, “If you’re just catching up, you’re already behind.”

And now that the MLB seems to be drifting away from radar technology, replacing it with imaging technology, Yakkertech offers a clear advantage. Our vision imaging technology provides unique advantages in capturing data on a pitched baseball or softball. The movement of the seams of the ball are clearly detected, allowing the software to quickly ascertain the exact movement of the ball and its corresponding spin axis.

Baseball America’s JJ Cooper noticed that 28 teams in the MLB now use modern technology to help their pitching. On Twitter, he’s been collecting a running thread of photos and reports of the new technology permeating the game, with nearly every team represented. The college teams are just starting to embrace this “new brave world.” It’s only a matter of time until all colleges have in-game high-tech tracking system in place.

And why not? The benefits are obvious. Ask any pitcher, as we have at our almost daily presentations throughout the country. He or she can see data on the spin and the rotation of their pitch in ways a human eye will never be able to detect. As head coach Jim Gantt from Catawba college said,

“We are excited now that we will also have the same data collected during the game.” Catawba recently purchased an “We recently deployed the portable Yakkertech device with our team with in-game unit to compliment their bullpen device, and will now be able to easily compare highly accurate data collected in bullpen sessions with pitching data during the game – the best of both worlds for enhancing pitcher development.

What most colleges don’t know yet, is that great technology in the bullpen will attract even greater talent. Young players today, starting in high school, embrace vision technology more than ever. They want to be part of this new revolution, and don’t want to leave anything to chance anymore.

Forbes Magazine seems to agree with this revolution. In an article about new technology in baseball, it says “Tech is the newest recruiting tool in Division I, the latest separator between haves and have-nots. Six of the eight schools that reached the College World Series — all but Louisville and Texas Tech — said they had purchased high-end analytic devices in the last two years.” This makes Yakkertech another wonderful recruiting tool for every coach looking for great talent. What are you waiting for?