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High-Tech IN GAME Tracking System presented by YT

High-Tech ball tracking software is coming to CATAWBA COLLEGE’s athletic department. Catawba College Baseball (@CatawbaBaseball) will be the FIRST college team ever to start utilizing an IN GAME high-tech tracking system using imaging technology. The system will provide the coaching staff with immediate and highly accurate data on a pitched baseball during live games.

Yakkertech is a sports performance imaging technology firm based in Southeast Michigan. The company announced that the first in-game high-tech ball tracking system using imaging technology was installed last week at Catawba College. “The system will provide highly accurate data on a pitched baseball during live games. Catawba will be the first college baseball to have such a high-tech system,” says Yakkertech CEO Greg Lumsden. “We are very excited to have such an amazing partnership with Catawba College and its baseball program.”

Imaging technology provides unique advantages to capture data on a pitched baseball or softball. The movement of the seams on the ball are clearly detected. This allows the software to quickly ascertain the exact movement of the ball and the corresponding spin axis.

“We recently deployed the portable Yakkertech device with our team with great success this season. We are excited now that we will also have the same data collected during the game,” said head baseball coach, Jim Gantt. Catawba will now be able to easily compare highly accurate data collected in bullpen sessions with pitching data during the game – the best of both worlds for enhancing pitcher development.

Yakkertech’s high-tech support for Catawba Baseball showed recent success as the baseball team rallied to a six game winning streak since the post season started. Three shutouts, six wins! Go, Catawba!

About our company:

Yakkertech can provide highly accurate spin axis of a pitched ball as it comes into home plate. Movement of a baseball/softball (or lack thereof) is directly correlated with the spin axis of the ball. Knowing how it’s spinning allows one to understand the opportunity to improve the pitch. Yakkertech can either be portable or permanently installed, and is compatible with indoor and outdoor use. Data is generated in just 4 seconds, and is accurate from any distance.

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