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So, What Is Yakkertech All About?

Welcome to our first Yakkertech blog post. This is our place to share with you what’s new with Yakkertech and what we are up to. We want to tell stories about our partners- the teams and academies that work with us. It might be a great way for you to find out whether Yakkertech is the right fit for you. So, it’s really a blog about you and your success.

What better way to start our weekly blog by letting you know a little bit more about Yakkertech? Who are we, what is our product about, who are the people behind Yakkertech, and why are we creating such a buzz all of the sudden among the baseball and softball community?

Yakkertech is a stereo vision imaging system that can provide fully accurate data on all the key elements of a pitched baseball or softball. This is the key difference in the Yakkertech technology versus any other portable or highly used system in baseball/softball today. The information is instantly shown on an app on a tablet (which comes with our product!), and the data is then stored and easily retrieved over time. The primary use of our product is geared toward pitching coaches, used to assist in both understanding the optimum performance of each pitch type as well as for improving performance and creating better pitch design.

There is no other system out there that captures such clarity on a moving ball. Only Yakkertech sees the seams this distinctly, thus resulting in the most accurate spin data. Our video section provides a preview of the different features of our tablet.

As all of you baseball and softball experts out there know, the holy grail in assessing pitchers and pitching performance is spin axis. Our software engineers created the most precise product in our industry today to provide the most accurate spin axis of a pitched ball as it comes to home plate.

Knowing how a ball is spinning allows one to understand the opportunity to improve a pitch, to increase, or change its movement. Accurately knowing the movement or improving the movement by even one inch can make a huge difference in the success of a pitcher.

With the Yakkertech system, you get your data within 4 seconds. Even better, our system is portable, but can also be permanently installed (avoiding the need for calibration). AND, Yakkertech can measure accurately at any distance, not just 60’6’’. If you are a coach and you are reading this, think rehab and younger players!

So, who came up with the idea of Yakkertech? Who are the people behind the system? Our Co-Founder is Bill Bales. He is the founder of AboutGolf, North America’s #1 premium indoor golf simulator company. Imaging technology is Bill’s biggest interest, and AboutGolf today is known as the finest and most accurate golf ball and club tracking system in the world.

Greg Lumsden is our other co-founder and our current CEO. Greg has been a business executive all his life. He was the CEO of several mortgage companies at Countrywide. Greg, an avid golfer and baseball enthusiast,  followed his passion and founded Scratch – an indoor golf training training business. Like Bill, Greg is a very data driven and a very analytical guy who knows how important data analysis is today in sports.

They always wanted to bring advanced imaging to the sport of baseball. And with the growing value on analytics in this sport, Bill and Greg poured their energy into creating the ultimate portable and affordable vision-based baseball and softball performance monitor.

Our third team-leader is Aden Seaman. He is an engineer by trade, a physicist, and software developer who is responsible for the software and hardware design of the Yakkertech ball tracker. His extensive experience in high performance computing, stereo machine vision, and mathematical modeling is what makes the Yakkertech ball tracker an accurate, powerful, and portable analytics device.

Interested in learning more about Yakkertech? Contact one of our sales reps today to schedule a demo and see how Yakkertech can help you.